Who We Are

Peter’s Story

Watching my father, an attorney, embody the importance of service, commitment and care for his clients, left a lasting impression on me. At an early age, it laid the foundation for my desire to build a career focused on cultivating relationships and playing a meaningful role in other people’s lives.

As I was growing up, I also saw the consequences of poor financial planning firsthand within my family.  It wasn’t due to a lack of will, but rather a lack of know how.

These two experiences helped steer me into what I feel is my professional calling; to build long-lasting relationships that allow me to serve individuals by helping them create financial security and confidence.

Colin’s Story

I grew up around the business watching my father who has been in financial services for over 45 years.  The positive impact he had on his clients through financial planning always left me amazed.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to chart a similar path to positively impact lives.

Two decades later, I find that I really enjoy working with smart, successful people. I love the big picture approach of financial planning, and I absolutely love educating.

If clients can shift the heavy burden of financial planning to us, allowing them to focus on “what matters,” then we have achieved our goal.

Our Story



We are friends and colleagues-- we both have passion for the impact we can make in other people’s lives and the communities in which we live. We share the same values, the same work ethic, the same approach to client services and client satisfaction.  Our partnership is natural and synergistic. Our firm is built on a strong foundation of experience, trust and relationships. We hope to build a legacy that is a tribute to the amazing clients that we serve.